Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Family Night at Chick-fil-a on Knollwood Street in Winston-Salem, NC

Tuesday night my 3 year old, Andira, has “dancenastics” at Salem Gym and my 18 month old, Inara, has gymnastics at the same place. Both of these events are every Tuesday at 6:00pm. Those of you who have children involved in activities at this time of the evening will appreciate this most.

What are your first thoughts when you are planning this evening? That’s right, I know one of you said it, “what are we gonna do for dinner??” Well, this is what we were thinking too. We have tried several different places that are fast, inexpensive and have something we know the kids will eat. Mi Pueblo worked out well since it was fast, cheap, and the kids ate. We also tried a couple of other places like Subway and El Dorado. Subway was OK but the kids did not want pizza that night so they wound up only eating olives which does not a dinner make. El Dorado was probably our least favorite for a number of reasons but mostly because for a Mexican restaurant it is pricey. Kids meals are $4.00 and up and I don’t know about you but when your kids eat as little as mine do I probably won’t spend that much on a meal for them to throw on the floor, rub between their fingers, and ultimately eat very little of. Mi Pueblo is not only faster but it is cheaper from the standpoint of a grown-up meal anyway.

Yesterday we decided to try out Chick-fil-a on Knollwood located at 391 Knollwood Street. Let’s just say that we will be back there again! The service was fast, friendly, and we all ate until we were full (and my husband had a grilled chicken combo and a 12 pack of nuggets) for under $16.00! That is 2 adult combo meals, 2 kids’ meals, and extra pack of 12 nuggets! And when I say the service was good I mean that the sweet girl from behind the counter, the one who took our order, came out to our table and refilled our drinks! I mean it. And if that was not enough then let me tell you about the balloons, masks, and face painting they had FREE for kids. Not to mention that if you go on facebook and “friend” them you will be able to see what their theme is for that week and if your child dresses up then they get to eat for FREE! I am working on getting the themes into my calendar for each week but if you read this before I am done then I wanted to tell you where to go. You could also call them at (336)-722-6058 if you prefer. The service and atmosphere rival a “fine dining” experience with a fast food price. You really must try them!

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