Sunday, July 19, 2009

To Kindermusik or not to Kindermusik?

I can actually offer some valuable insight about this particular activity. So, when our first girl was six months old we, like every other good and ambitious parent, enrolled the little sweetheart in her first semester of KinderMusik. Our teacher was Erin and I mention her name because we LOVED her. She was awesome. So needless to say we had a wonderful experience with our little girl who started before she could crawl and went for the next almost two years during which time she became an Olympic Sprinter. As far as kids’ activities go, this one definitely gets two thumbs up. She grew and learned so much there.

Then our second girl was born when our first was the tender age of 21 months and all kids’ activities came to a screeching halt. KinderMusik stopped for our almost two year old and it really never started for the baby. We or I should say “I” felt horrible. How could I deprive our second child of an experience that our first one gained oh so much from?? I must just be a crappy mom. Right? Well, now our baby is 18 months old and let me just say “NO!” I now know what I wish someone, including my own parents who made me feel guilty about it at every opportunity, would have told me back then when I needed a boost. Second children somehow make it on the steam created by the first ones and what I believe to be the Grace of God! Seriously, my second girl was doing things by nine months that my older one was not doing until she was two! Really. And this is by no means a crack at my oldest who is one very bright light in my life; this is just to make you feel better about the second child. I thought for sure that my second little girl would have less of a love of music and dancing as a result of her not being exposed to the music class her older sister was lucky enough to go to all by herself for two years. NOT! She absolutely loves music and dancing all the same.

So while I loved the experience give yourself a break if you are in those shoes. If your kids are at an age where you can take both of them and they won’t subtract from one another’s experiences then by all means take them both, but if you are more like I was (and believe me I tried) and one of your children requires too much attention for themselves then just let it go and stay home. Buy some children’s music CD’s and play them for the kids at home. Plus, they don’t serve wine at KinderMusik

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  1. We enjoyed participating in Musickgarten at the NC School of the Arts in downtown Winston-Salem. The experience gave us more bonding time with our 6 month old and gave us focus on the importance of music and rythm in a young life.