Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How About a Birthday Party at The Children's Museum?

Thinking about having a birthday party at The Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem?

I LOVE it when parents give their insight on things related to children, their clothes, products, shoes, schools etc. I especially enjoy it when a parent give insight on kid’s activities because as the mother of two young girls you can honestly save me a lot of trouble and headache if you have already done something and are willing to share the details of your experience. In the spirit of sharing I wanted to provide an editorial on a couple of experiences I have had at The Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem.

We have been on both ends of the birthday experience. When we were the attendees (us and our then 2 year old and 2 month old daughters) we attended a birthday party for a young man of three years old. Looking back now I guess they, like us, opted for the sooper-dooper ultra party experience where they provide everything, including the cake. They do have several choices for birthday parties ranging from $150-$300 and allowing 15 guests. The difference when you pay the $300 is that you literally have to do NOTHING. Just show up with your little angel and off you go. No kids’ activities or kids’ games, no favors to buy no clean-up or hassle, no nothin! Their $300 package includes the party room, admission for 15 kids, arts and crafts and story time, oh yes and how could I forget the cake! The party we went to was themed “Thomas the Train” and so the kids all got hats, neckerchiefs, and favors in the spirit of trains and train engineers. It was really cute and we had a ton of fun! Then after (and even before if you so desire) the kids run around and blow off some steam in the complete safety of this incredible child proof environment until their heart feels full and their feet can run no more. So anyway, we loved the party experience from the attendee viewpoint so much that we decided to go for it ourselves.

When our oldest was turning three I called The Children’s Museum and booked the deluxe sooper-dooper princess theme party for our princess loving princess. It was great! One thing that is always very important to me when doing things with my kids, especially things that are on the expensive side is customer service. The staff was the first thing we noticed and quite possibly my favorite. They were focused on us from the time we got there until the time we left. They carried our stuff (whatever additional food type items for adults and the ice cream and a couple of other snacks for the kids which was not included) in and carried our gifts out which was HUGE for us since when our oldest turned three our youngest was only 15 months old so we had our hands full most of the time. One thing that I wish I would have known was that the museum does get a little too loud for story time outside of the party room on Saturdays. The package includes some time for a story which I love and while they have a great place with bean bags etc to lounge around and read stories I think that since the museum is actually open to the public it is pretty loud in there on a Saturday and especially for three year olds whose attention spans not longer that a fly’s wings. I would have asked them to read the story inside the party room to allow for an acoustical advantage. But all in all no big deal.

Would I do it again? YES! The Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem knows how to do a kids birthday party right!!