Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Birthday Party at Funigan's?

Here is what one mom had to say...

My 4 year old son and his friends got to experience his Birthday Party at Funigans. He had a blast of which is the most important aspect for me. Furthermore, I have a positive recommendation for hosting a birthday party there.

Funigan’s is a lively and active place (which fits my son’s personality) so if you expect a quiet more private gathering Funigan’s is not the place for you. Yet, your guests will have a private room in which to share pizza, cake, drinks and presents for one hour. Then your party will move to a table amongst all the activities. The use of this table is for one hour as part of a party package. I found it useful as a place to set belongings for you and your guests in addition to any left over pizza and cake. There are many activities for children of all ages some of which include bowling, rock wall climbing, arcade games, a soft gym play area and well as a gated toddler play area.

As part of a purchase of a party package, the birthday host receives a t-shirt, plenty of tokens for your guests to play games, the help from a party “ranger”, drinks & pizza. We choose to bring the cake and ice cream since our son had a particular request. The party package is for two hours which did go by quickly. At the end of the two hour period, we once again had to move our belongings to another table in the grille area. The shuffling of our belongings every hour was somewhat of an inconvience but certainly not a deal breaker from booking another party there in the future. We were having so much fun we ended up staying quite a bit longer to play.

In our experience, the staff was helpful and courteous. There is plenty for the children to do you won’t be at a loss for entertainment. Fortunately for us, on the day of his party, Funigan’s did not seem too busy so it was not hard to keep up with the kids running around. While having a conversation with another mother who had her son’s party at Funigan’s, she remarked about how crowded it was the day of his party. She spoke of it being very loud and difficult to carry on a conversation with another person. I could see how that could be annoying and especially hard to navigate through the crowd. Once again, I was thankful it was not too busy at that time. In closing, my son’s “fun meter” was revealing off the chart values, so I will not hesitate to book another Birthday Party there if he so wishes.

Cathy Christy

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