Sunday, October 25, 2009


We had had these plans to go to “Boo at the Zoo” for weeks now so when we woke up yesterday to stormy weather with the promise of continuing storms through 4pm in Asheboro you can imagine our disappointment. Well, I called Dawn and she said “why don’t we go to IKEA?” Since she had told me of this IKEA/utopia before I did not hesitate with my “yes!” and we packed up and left.

So what is it with IKEA? I will start from the beginning.

As you arrive into the parking lot what you will notice is that there is “family parking” this is especially for people like you and me who have little ones and is particularly appreciated in the weather we had yesterday. It is right up front and as close as you can get to the building. – Winner

You walk into this huge building and are immediately greeted by the “childcare” which you will find is well above what comes to mind with the phrase “childcare.” This is a place with a ball pit, movie theatre area, arts and crafts and so many other toys that I could not possibly name them all! A kid’s dream! And did I mention that it is free? Yes, for free they will keep your child for an entire hour while you shop.

And they don’t just have furniture. They have lighting, bedding, Swedish groceries, table linens, stuffed animals for kids and oh so much more! I would have never known!

Right above this area is their cafeteria. They have great food, we got cooked salmon, lox, salad and pasta with meatballs to name a few things and on Saturday kids eat free! So for two adults and three children to get much more food and drink than we could consume the bill was $19.63! No joke! They also have a kid’s section in their cafeteria complete with child friendly cutlery, furniture and seating.

On every floor and possibly in every department there is a kid’s play station. This is a place for kids to play while you browse at the cool stuff they have in that department. I mean they thought of everything!

In the restrooms there are signs confirming IKEA’s commitment to being family friendly. They say they have things like bottle warming stations and baby food too! It is about an hour and a half of a drive but you could literally spend the entire day there! We did.


  1. As you could probably tell from the review, I am totally addicted to Ikea. The modern styling of their merchandise is so smart (and inexpensive!), and the model kitchens alone give me tons of house ideas! A couple of other notes: bring shopping bags because they are very green and don't provide them at checkout, although they have lots of huge bags and carts for you to shop with. And also, kids have to be potty-trained and between 37 and 54 inches tall to play in their playland. Have fun!

  2. yep love Ikea great place for kids and cheap