Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Belt A Child Can Open and Close?!

Myself Belts

One of my closest friends alerted me to this slick invention in the children’s clothing arena. We were sitting in a coffee shop and talking about our little girls. I was talking about how I had sent her to school that day in a really cute pair of jeans that had a belt that went with them. My girl is the type that wants to wear the most complete possible outfit and she wants it to match to a tee. I would not otherwise have allowed her to wear that belt to school because it had a buckle closure that made me nervous since she is only three and I would not want her to have an “accident” because she could not get her belt off in time. Anna told me about these belts and I was sold! Not to mention they have kindly offered to give those the readers of KiddingAroundInTown a discount!

Here is what they are all about…

Sized for kids ages 2-10, Myself Belts help kids and moms by promoting independence. Praised by teachers, kids and parents, Myself Belts are a must have accessory! They help make a child’s (and parent's!) day a little easier and provide children with an "I did it by myself!" moment. No more droopy drawers and a frustrating problem is solved for both parent and child! Myself Belts are also available for teens/adults with hand dexterity challenges due to cognitive or physical difficulties. With a faux buckle, it looks like a traditional belt!

My sister and I (both inspired by motherhood) invented a must-have fashionable and functional children's accessory for kids ages 2-10. FINALLY, a belt closure designed specifically for young children! Myself Belts promote independence and boost self-esteem by allowing children to easily fasten and unfasten their belt on their own. Myself Belts are functional and fashionable, and have been featured on The Today Show and in In Touch Weekly as a favorite belt of celebrities such as Courtney Cox and Brooke Shields! Shaquille O'Neal's kids also love their Myself Belts and they retail for only $9.99- $15.95! Myself Belts can also be personalized for that special gift.

Thank you so much for your interest in Myself Belts- we are excited to be part of your site!

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