Sunday, November 1, 2009

Exercise While Running Errands?

The following post was written by my dear friend Gwen Brewer. Those of you who don't know her are missing out! This woman has a wealth of information on so many things but where she has helped me most is in making being a mom easier and more stress-free. I had the priviledge of working with her as her partner for many years and learned a lot from her in that time. One of the things she guided me toward was the purchase of a pair of MBT shoes. Since one of my main goals is to make the life of a mother easier I thought I would ask her to write a little something about these shoes. Read what she wrote and then check out the awesome deal you can get when you buy these shoes here in Winston-Salem, NC.

Time to start saving your pennies.

Working moms live by multi-tasking. Exercise is no exception. We need to get the most out of the limited time we have for exercise. That's why I saved up to buy a pair of MBT sneakers. MBT claims their shoes will burn calories, increase your muscle workout and improve your overall body aches (lower back, knees). The verdict.......... I love these shoes!

Whether I’m wearing them to exercise or just running around doing errands I can tell a difference. Several nights a week I walk/jog for an hour in my neighborhood. I had been doing this for a few months when I got my MBT's. The first time I wore the MBT's I could notice a difference. My legs felt exhausted that night. I still feel like I get a better workout when I wear them and even my shin splints feel better. So ladies save your pennies because these shoes are expensive but in my opinion worth it.

One final note- for a low cost boost to your workout buy a Weighted Belt. My belt is 4 lbs and it helps intensify your walk and works your stomach area. You can pick one up at Target starting at $15 or at any sporting goods store.

Gwen Brewer
Lewisville, NC.

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