Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Where The Wild Things Are"

This movie is very age inappropriate and the Wild Things need deep intense therapy ( in one scene, one wild thing rips off another's arm). My youngest, Ethan, said "mom, why are they acting like this?" and when the movie was over, both Owen (10) and Ethan (7) said it was the weirdest and worst movie they had ever seen. I just want to warn anybody who is thinking about taking their little ones to see it.

I am just trying to be helpful to other mothers out there that would not want to be caught in the same predicament that I was in. My children learn from me and trust in me to be "SUPER MOM" and for me to be caught off guard by the movie I had chosen for not only them but their friends , it was just very hard to explain to them what they were watching or why I can even subjected them to see that type of behavior.

- Angela W. Campbell

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