Saturday, October 9, 2010

Indian Dance Lessons in The Dash!

I am so excited about this find! Since Andira watched her first Bollywood videos (essentially at birth) she has been mimicking the Bollywood style of dress, dance and style. For whatever reason she and Inara have always loved Bollywood. That said, you can imagine my delight when I learned of a Bollywood style dance class for my girls!

Arya Dance Academy has decided to try and open a dance class designed to teach Bollywood style dancing to boys and girls in Winston-Salem! This is exciting for so many reasons! First of all, I am obviously psyched for my girls but this is significant of so much more. While Winston-Salem is a really wonderful place to raise children some people may consider it a little lacking in the area of culture. I, for one, have been in search of unique cultural experiences for my little ones. Indian dance class is just such a thing. If you are like me and in search of the same thing then help me support Arya in their efforts to open a permanent dance class here.

The classes are on Wednesday nights at the Children's Museum of Winston-Salem and are for children beginning at age 4. The 4 year old class is from 5-6:00pm and other age groups follow. There is a $50 registration fee which you will need to pay up front but you can come and try a class and then if you decide it is not for you they will refund your money without questions. Andira loves the class, dances and the teachers and she is a tough crowd. It is totally worth it! The average cost is $16/class after you decide to continue. Show how appreciative you are for another cultural activity for the children of the Triad to experience and either try the class yourselves or tell someone whom you think would be interested. We would be so sad to see the classes end due to lack of participation!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Morning Fun!

This morning we tried out the story time at the Chic-fil-a on Hanes Mall Blvd in Winston-Salem, NC. Every Saturday in September this location is having story time for kids and free coffee for adults from 9-10am. For starters we were the only ones there! That is awesome for us since we have two girls who are very close in age who do not like rowdy boys…so why am I telling you about this?...Oh, because I want to be helpful.

Well, I highly recommend taking part in this activity if you have young ones who are up and would be interested in a story as you sip on your morning cup. We got there around 9 so the girls could eat something. As we were finishing up a young boy came around with silly bands for the girls which they loved and coffee coupons for us which we loved. He then invited us to the play area where he allowed the girls to choose stories and he read as much as they wanted. Then they played and pretty much had the entire play area to themselves! It was awesome!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Summer Camp Guide - Winston-Salem Area - 2010

Summer is almost here! Last summer I spent so much time trying to figure out what was what that I missed out on a lot of great camps because by the time I filtered through the information to find what I was looking for everything was full. This year I decided to take matters into my own hands and do the work well in advance so that I don’t miss out! Here I have provided you with the info that I found. I am sure that these are not the only summer options for the little ones around here but they are what I was looking for and from talking to so many of you I think they will help you as well. As of April 1st all of these camps are accepting applications so find what suits your needs best and get signed up!

Most of the camps that I have found that are open to the general public only go down to age 2½. The YMCA is the best option for your young child (ages 3 months to 2 ½ years old) in terms of a camp. If it is pure childcare you need they have that too with hours from 7 am to 6 pm. At the Y they can also provide childcare in the form of a summer camp for your 3-5 year old with a different theme each week. The YMCA has many great camps for kids from ages 4 and up as well. My favorite may be the “All Sports” camp option because it is a week full of half days where your child will experience many different sports. What a great way to see what they like without having to sign up for an entire season! You can get details about the many different camp options at

I have not ever been to Clemmons Gymnastics but it has been recommended to me by a couple of people so I thought I would make you aware of this camp. This one is for rising 1st graders and up and is actually from 7am to 6pm daily. The tuition is $140/week and for the hours that is not bad! It starts on June 14th. For details visit

The Children’s Theatre has a several different themes for different ages ranging down to age 4. They look like a lot of fun and have both a half day and a full day option. For all details check their web site at

Another one of my personal favorites is the In Motion Dance camp which is open to kids 3 and up and you can opt for 3 days or a full 5 day week of half day fun. My daughters love to dance so we will be signing up for at least a week of this! They are also offering a dance class for 2 ½ year olds this summer which is a once a week deal but is great as an intro to dance! In Motion Dance camp and class details can be found at

For you horse lovers you need to know about a horseback riding camp that is at Riverwood Therapeutic Riding Center in Tobaccoville. The camp starts mid-June and lasts for 7 weeks. Anyone over the age of 3 ½ will pay $190 for 7 weeks of lessons. You can find all the details at

In terms of flexibility it will be hard to beat Salem Gym where you can just even drop your kid off for the day. They have specialty camps, morning camps, lunch stuff as well as afternoon stuff. Salem Gym has it all! They take kids aged 3 and up and for more details you should go to their site at

The Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem has a half day or a full day option and takes kids aged 4 and up. They have a different theme each week including “Opera Camp” and one geared toward music lovers. For details on The Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem’s camps visit their web site at .

SciWorks has summer activities in the half day category for your 4 and 5 year olds or full days for campers who are older. You can find details about SciWorks summer programs at

For your future chef’s the Young Chef’s Academy always has summer programs but their schedule is not up yet. Their web site is so if you are interested keep checking them out. I think they take kids 4 and up.

The NC Zoo also does have camps. They work by the day for $35 or overnight for the older children for $90. The hours are 9am to 2pm and the Zoo takes rising 1st graders and up. They open for registration on April 1st and I think they fill up fast so check out their web site for the different themes and decide which ones would interest your little one most

Have a fun summer!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


You are at a restaurant with your little one and of course you have brought with you and arsenal of stuff. You have something for them to play with while the food is being ordered and prepared, some type of food they can feed themselves like maybe fruit slices and you have with you whatever you think they will eat as their meal. Whether you are lucky enough to have a child who will eat food prepared by the restaurant or you have had to bring food from home for them to eat one thing is for sure. What is the little darling going to eat with? Those restaurant utensils are much too big and you don’t want to have to wait for someone to bring you a spoon anyway. So you pull out your sandwich bag with the appropriate eating utensils for your precious little angel. As you pull the child size fork out of the baggie it rips and you think “that is going to be fun when I have to put this food covered fork back into the baggie which goes into my bag! There is another mess I can count on having to clean up.” Ewww! I get so tired of cleaning up food don’t you? This, my friend is exactly why you will want to “roll up the mess.” A Spooneez is a place mat, place to stash those dirty utensils and a cute little accessory all in one. You really need to check out their site to get the full picture. They even have a video to show you how it works!

I met Maythi Calvert several months ago and it was like we were old friends. She is just like you and me. Maythi and her business partner Robin are the developers of Spooneez. In addition to what you see on their site they are adding new patterns and new products like bibs and placemats soon! If you live in the Winston-Salem area you can find Spooneez at O’Baby Organics or Kari's Children's Boutique Resale. Maythi and Robin will be at the CBR sale which is February 26th and 27th - 9am-2pm and the location is where "If It's Paper" used to be off of Reynolda Road. I encourage you to go and see a Spooneez for yourself!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gift the Bambino

A friend told me about Lauren and once I saw her work I wanted to spread the word! Lauren Dillard-Shoffner is the founder of Gift the Bambino which is basically a cute and creative alternative to the diaper cake. The best way for you to see what I am talking about is to go to her site and check it out for yourself. The best part is that Lauren has offered to give the readers of the Kidding Around in Town web site a very special 10% discount at check out when you mention the site.

If you know someone who is expecting a little one her Bambinopops are sure not to disappoint! Order yours today!

A little about Lauren:

I am 27, married; living in Greensboro and have always had a love for entrepreneurship, kids and design. I am fortunate enough to have these ideas come together in the form of various businesses. A former children's party planner (KiddiEvents) and nanny, I am currently well into my second year of Gift the Bambino and the new owner of a small home day care and I am a web designer. Gift the Bambino came about after I attended a baby shower that used diaper cakes for centerpieces. I'd never seen them before anywhere else but later when I was in need of a new business idea, the thought of revamping and modernizing them was great! Since then, I have done countless cakes, custom and personalized orders, Bambinopops, the 'Lello Submarine (sandwich), cupcakes, muffins, the list goes on. I am always happy to take custom orders (about half our product styles are customer requested) and also provide quick shipping, or delivery on some local orders.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Mural Artist

Lee Anne Edwards is a mural artist in the Piedmont Triad who charges $25.00/hour and is willing to lock in a quote before she even starts! Here is what Lee Anne has to say:

My family moved from the suburbs of Chicago about 3 years ago. It was there that I stumbled upon painting murals. I was painting my sons' room and decided to give it a shot. Well neighbors loved it and requested my services and word slowly spread. Just as I was getting pretty consistent work my husband was offered a job here in NC. Once we got settled I attempted to start spreading the word here. However since the triad area is so spread out it is has proven to be more difficult than I anticipated. I have always loved art and have always been very creative so I would love to be able to continue. I have and do paint other things; t-shirts, tennis shoes, wall art, etc. But my passion is children's rooms. To see their little faces light up when you have created and painted something just for them gives me such joy. Check out her beautiful work.

Tyler painted the nursery before our first was born and it was and still is so special to both our girls. The theme is “Under the Sea” and there is a pink whale and a lavender shark and so many other cute creatures that we have been saying “good morning” to daily for almost four years now! What a special thing it is to have your child’s room painted in something so memorable.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

LOVEPRINT by Camille Cesari

Keepsakes by Camille Cesari

This is my favorite gift for a mother or grandmother yet! Camille will preserve your child’s fingerprint in silver or gold for you to wear around your neck forever! I am so excited about this gift that I think I am going to have to order several for myself, both grandmothers and even a great grandmother! Camille has been kind enough to offer a 10% discount to the readers of Kidding Around in Town if you mention the site on your order form. Check out her web site for all the ordering details!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Angela Gallagher - Yoga Instructor

Angela Gallagher is a Yoga instructor for the Sara Lee Center for Women through Forsyth Medical Center. I heard about her from a friend of mine and the wonderful things she was saying about her made me want to see for myself. See I did. A few weeks ago I went to one of her “Mother Baby” yoga classes (Thursday mornings) and I have been excited to share what I have learned about her with you all since then!

Angela is an instructor who is unlike any other fitness instructor I have ever experienced myself or heard about from anyone else. The “Mother Baby” class I attended was amazing in so many ways. A class with babies one year old and younger is unpredictable at best. When the babies would fuss or cry during a certain maneuver instead of scowling at the mother or suggesting they take a break from the class she was so warm and would say something like “oh it looks like somebody doesn’t like this one, let’s try another move” which as we all know is so much more comforting. As the mother of a small baby you become so used to being viewed as a burden or a pain that it is nice to know that you can go somewhere and be fully at ease and focus on fun with your little angel instead of having to constantly apologize.

I also noticed that the mothers in attendance were so comfortable talking to Angela about various things. From a colicky baby to breastfeeding the women asked anything and she either had answers or said she would get them. It was obvious that I was not the only one who felt Angela was a long lost friend. What a wonderful place for a new mother to go to get out of the house, get some exercise, spend some QT with baby and get some encouragement from a person like Angela. This is a great start for a new mom.

Well, since I no longer have a baby who is under a year old I was hoping she would start some classes that I could participate in. She now has a “Traditional Yoga” class on Saturday mornings and a “Post Natal” yoga class on Wednesdays. Yay! You can buy a pass for just $68 and come to any combination of eight total classes. You can’t beat it!

Besides just being wonderful and sweet Angela has also traveled all around the world studying Yoga for over 25 years. She has been to India, Thailand and London to name a few places. Angela is certified to teach yoga and has some specific training like how to help cancer patients. When I asked her what it is she wants her students to walk away with she promptly replied “I want every person to feel good about who they are right now.” And believe me; she does a great job at this with every class.

I also wanted to mention that Angela is doing a “Yoga for Eating” seminar on 1/30 from 1pm-6pm at the Sara Lee Center for Women’s Health at Forsyth Hospital. The cost is only $25 and there are still a few spots left so hurry and sign up! I hope to have the sign up information posted here soon but if you are ready now then call the Sara Lee Center and they can take care of you. This promises to be a great class that you will remember for a lifetime.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Kids Art on Canvas

I ran across the coolest way to make your child’s art work last a lifetime! Now that my daughter is three and is drawing her first people, writing her first letters and actually making her first recognizable marks on paper I have been wanting to find a way to preserve these things. I got her to do a drawing with a little of everything in it for me to keep forever and I think this is the neatest way to preserve her work. Personally, I would even hang this up in my home because they are such cute not to mention original works of art!

My Kids Art on Canvas by Sabine Schoepke offers a way to make your child's art last forever by putting it on canvas. Sabine is offering a prize of a $50 gift certificate to someone who reads this blog post and leaves a comment. This is just about enough to get a FREE 8x10 canvas! The contest will last for one month and I will use to generate a winner. All you have to do to win is leave a comment! I will draw a winner on February 10, 2010.

Here is what Sabine has to say about her work:
What parent does not have boxes full of their kid's artwork? And don't we all have a couple of favorite pieces we treasure? Here is a brand new fun way to display your kid’s art:
Preserve your kid's free-spirited artistry and display it like a true work of art. Twin mom Sabine Schoepke recently started . Here you can turn your child's artwork into a unique and sophisticated canvas art print. It personalizes a home and works as a decorative accent in even the most sophisticated setting – check out their Sample Gallery for some fun and creative ideas. It also is a great way to encourage little artists' creativity and boost their self-esteem. With many options (colors, frames, borders, personal captions, etc.) to choose from, it's a unique gift idea for grandma, mother’s day or simply great pops of color for any room. As a last minute gift-idea they also offer gift certificates and e-gift cards.