Saturday, January 16, 2010

Angela Gallagher - Yoga Instructor

Angela Gallagher is a Yoga instructor for the Sara Lee Center for Women through Forsyth Medical Center. I heard about her from a friend of mine and the wonderful things she was saying about her made me want to see for myself. See I did. A few weeks ago I went to one of her “Mother Baby” yoga classes (Thursday mornings) and I have been excited to share what I have learned about her with you all since then!

Angela is an instructor who is unlike any other fitness instructor I have ever experienced myself or heard about from anyone else. The “Mother Baby” class I attended was amazing in so many ways. A class with babies one year old and younger is unpredictable at best. When the babies would fuss or cry during a certain maneuver instead of scowling at the mother or suggesting they take a break from the class she was so warm and would say something like “oh it looks like somebody doesn’t like this one, let’s try another move” which as we all know is so much more comforting. As the mother of a small baby you become so used to being viewed as a burden or a pain that it is nice to know that you can go somewhere and be fully at ease and focus on fun with your little angel instead of having to constantly apologize.

I also noticed that the mothers in attendance were so comfortable talking to Angela about various things. From a colicky baby to breastfeeding the women asked anything and she either had answers or said she would get them. It was obvious that I was not the only one who felt Angela was a long lost friend. What a wonderful place for a new mother to go to get out of the house, get some exercise, spend some QT with baby and get some encouragement from a person like Angela. This is a great start for a new mom.

Well, since I no longer have a baby who is under a year old I was hoping she would start some classes that I could participate in. She now has a “Traditional Yoga” class on Saturday mornings and a “Post Natal” yoga class on Wednesdays. Yay! You can buy a pass for just $68 and come to any combination of eight total classes. You can’t beat it!

Besides just being wonderful and sweet Angela has also traveled all around the world studying Yoga for over 25 years. She has been to India, Thailand and London to name a few places. Angela is certified to teach yoga and has some specific training like how to help cancer patients. When I asked her what it is she wants her students to walk away with she promptly replied “I want every person to feel good about who they are right now.” And believe me; she does a great job at this with every class.

I also wanted to mention that Angela is doing a “Yoga for Eating” seminar on 1/30 from 1pm-6pm at the Sara Lee Center for Women’s Health at Forsyth Hospital. The cost is only $25 and there are still a few spots left so hurry and sign up! I hope to have the sign up information posted here soon but if you are ready now then call the Sara Lee Center and they can take care of you. This promises to be a great class that you will remember for a lifetime.


  1. LOVE Angela. I took yoga w/her while pregnant with my first child. She was teaching at Women's Wellness off Jonestown. I still think my easy labor was due in part to taking yoga w/her. She has the most amazing peacefulness about her. I am so glad she has been featured.

  2. These really are the best mommy-baby classes! I always feel so great after them and my baby girl sleeps so well that afternoon and night after class. I will be so sad to leave Angela as my baby outgrows the class.

  3. Angela is the best yoga teacher! I have enjoyed all the classes I have taken with her - prenatal yoga, Mommy/Baby yoga, and now the traditional class. She is always enthusiastic and helps you into the proper positions without making you feel bad that you were doing it wrong. She believes anyone can do yoga, and with her instruction, it's true!

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