Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Kids Art on Canvas

I ran across the coolest way to make your child’s art work last a lifetime! Now that my daughter is three and is drawing her first people, writing her first letters and actually making her first recognizable marks on paper I have been wanting to find a way to preserve these things. I got her to do a drawing with a little of everything in it for me to keep forever and I think this is the neatest way to preserve her work. Personally, I would even hang this up in my home because they are such cute not to mention original works of art!

My Kids Art on Canvas by Sabine Schoepke offers a way to make your child's art last forever by putting it on canvas. Sabine is offering a prize of a $50 gift certificate to someone who reads this blog post and leaves a comment. This is just about enough to get a FREE 8x10 canvas! The contest will last for one month and I will use to generate a winner. All you have to do to win is leave a comment! I will draw a winner on February 10, 2010.

Here is what Sabine has to say about her work:
What parent does not have boxes full of their kid's artwork? And don't we all have a couple of favorite pieces we treasure? Here is a brand new fun way to display your kid’s art:
Preserve your kid's free-spirited artistry and display it like a true work of art. Twin mom Sabine Schoepke recently started . Here you can turn your child's artwork into a unique and sophisticated canvas art print. It personalizes a home and works as a decorative accent in even the most sophisticated setting – check out their Sample Gallery for some fun and creative ideas. It also is a great way to encourage little artists' creativity and boost their self-esteem. With many options (colors, frames, borders, personal captions, etc.) to choose from, it's a unique gift idea for grandma, mother’s day or simply great pops of color for any room. As a last minute gift-idea they also offer gift certificates and e-gift cards.


  1. I hope I win! This looks wonderful, Shazana! Thanks for posting the information.

  2. This is so neat!!! :) put me in!!

  3. What a fantastic idea! I might just have to search the "archives" (read giant rubbermaid boxes in the attic) for some forgotten treasures to have put on canvas.