Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gift the Bambino

A friend told me about Lauren and once I saw her work I wanted to spread the word! Lauren Dillard-Shoffner is the founder of Gift the Bambino which is basically a cute and creative alternative to the diaper cake. The best way for you to see what I am talking about is to go to her site and check it out for yourself. The best part is that Lauren has offered to give the readers of the Kidding Around in Town web site a very special 10% discount at check out when you mention the site.

If you know someone who is expecting a little one her Bambinopops are sure not to disappoint! Order yours today!

A little about Lauren:

I am 27, married; living in Greensboro and have always had a love for entrepreneurship, kids and design. I am fortunate enough to have these ideas come together in the form of various businesses. A former children's party planner (KiddiEvents) and nanny, I am currently well into my second year of Gift the Bambino and the new owner of a small home day care and I am a web designer. Gift the Bambino came about after I attended a baby shower that used diaper cakes for centerpieces. I'd never seen them before anywhere else but later when I was in need of a new business idea, the thought of revamping and modernizing them was great! Since then, I have done countless cakes, custom and personalized orders, Bambinopops, the 'Lello Submarine (sandwich), cupcakes, muffins, the list goes on. I am always happy to take custom orders (about half our product styles are customer requested) and also provide quick shipping, or delivery on some local orders.

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