Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Morning Fun!

This morning we tried out the story time at the Chic-fil-a on Hanes Mall Blvd in Winston-Salem, NC. Every Saturday in September this location is having story time for kids and free coffee for adults from 9-10am. For starters we were the only ones there! That is awesome for us since we have two girls who are very close in age who do not like rowdy boys…so why am I telling you about this?...Oh, because I want to be helpful.

Well, I highly recommend taking part in this activity if you have young ones who are up and would be interested in a story as you sip on your morning cup. We got there around 9 so the girls could eat something. As we were finishing up a young boy came around with silly bands for the girls which they loved and coffee coupons for us which we loved. He then invited us to the play area where he allowed the girls to choose stories and he read as much as they wanted. Then they played and pretty much had the entire play area to themselves! It was awesome!

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