Saturday, October 9, 2010

Indian Dance Lessons in The Dash!

I am so excited about this find! Since Andira watched her first Bollywood videos (essentially at birth) she has been mimicking the Bollywood style of dress, dance and style. For whatever reason she and Inara have always loved Bollywood. That said, you can imagine my delight when I learned of a Bollywood style dance class for my girls!

Arya Dance Academy has decided to try and open a dance class designed to teach Bollywood style dancing to boys and girls in Winston-Salem! This is exciting for so many reasons! First of all, I am obviously psyched for my girls but this is significant of so much more. While Winston-Salem is a really wonderful place to raise children some people may consider it a little lacking in the area of culture. I, for one, have been in search of unique cultural experiences for my little ones. Indian dance class is just such a thing. If you are like me and in search of the same thing then help me support Arya in their efforts to open a permanent dance class here.

The classes are on Wednesday nights at the Children's Museum of Winston-Salem and are for children beginning at age 4. The 4 year old class is from 5-6:00pm and other age groups follow. There is a $50 registration fee which you will need to pay up front but you can come and try a class and then if you decide it is not for you they will refund your money without questions. Andira loves the class, dances and the teachers and she is a tough crowd. It is totally worth it! The average cost is $16/class after you decide to continue. Show how appreciative you are for another cultural activity for the children of the Triad to experience and either try the class yourselves or tell someone whom you think would be interested. We would be so sad to see the classes end due to lack of participation!