Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Adidas Kanadia TR 3 Shoes

It is time for me to give you another one of my own personal tips. Ok, so I have been exercising for most of my life. In one way or another I try to stay in shape. I have done everything from Pilates to Yoga to Tae Kwon Do. I have done DVD's by Jillian Michaels, Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Attack and probably most other workout programs that begin with "Body" and are held at the Y. All of this to tell you that I have worked out in many different types of shoes and in no shoes at all. Well, as you know, I am Indian (from India) and I fit the stereotype to a T. I am short and small. Including my feet. This is why my husband says I like Adidas shoes. He says it is a small Asian thing. To that I say "whatever."

For the last 20 years I have held a fond memory of the Adidas Ozweego in my heart. That was my most favorite athletic shoe. I had a pair in high school, wore them out and could not ever find them (the same model) again. It has taken me that long to find another pair that I like as much. Keep in mind that I have owned athletic shoes that are $100+ so it is not a price thing. My husband even bought me a pair of Brooks a few years back. While I have liked the Brooks and expensive Nikes of the world I just never could find that feeling again. Until now!

I have discovered the Adidas Kanadia TR3 and lemme tell ya they are the bomb! Yeah, seriously. I love them for walking with the dog, playing at the park with the girls, hiking and most of all for working out in all of those "Body" classes in the gym. That is why I bought several pairs. They are cute and oh so very comfortable that you must try them! Hurry and get em' before they stop making them too!

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